Sony Planning for E3, gamescom and TGS Now

Adam Boyes says Sony meeting weekly to discuss their 2014 convention lineup.

Sony is planning its announcements for E3 in June, gamescom in August, and the Tokyo Game Show in September already the company's Adam Boyes has revealed to Kotaku

"We’re having meetings—that’s what my team does every single week. Right now we’re planning E3 – we’re planning our announcements for that – we’re planning gamescom, we’re planning TGS – all those different events and what kind of stuff we want. And listening, whether people are tweeting at [Shuhei Yoshida], or me, or anyone on my team.

"We’re reading all the forums and commenters to see what people are really excited about. And that’s the stuff we usually start with – the more excitement there is around certain content, that’s sort of where we go after."

He commented that in the run up to E3 in June we'll begin to see “stuff start hitting the market at a nice, regular beat” on PS4. “Like every few weeks there will be new stuff to be playing on PS4,” he added.

The PS4 launches tonight in North America and Sony is also planning some big announcements for the pre-launch event in New York with a major exclusive set to make a return. 

You can watch the PS4 launch trailer here which has a lot of references to key games and may suggest some of the reveals Sony has in store. 

It's still a long way to the major conventions next year but what do you think or hope they might have lined up to announce?