Here are Five Failing PS4s Caught on Video

More PlayStation 4 launch failure has been documented through these videos.

Look, it’s not time to panic quite yet. Sure, all of these reports of faulty PlayStation 4s aren’t exactly fun to hear when you’re preparing to pick up your launch console tomorrow, but Sony is currently investigating what seem to be isolated incidents. However, ZXLeaks has found five different cases of PlayStation 4 units not functioning as advertized, and these can all be seen below.

Everything from GPU failure to the video just not showing up on the TV is included. Some of the videos are short examples of what went wrong, while others have longer, more detailed explanations of what the user is dealing with. Once again, the hope is that none of this will happen to you once the PS4 is out fo the box and below your TV, but the failure rate is something to think about.

Look to hear more about the PS4’s possible issues soon, and expect a new suite of games to be announced by the company tonight.