Sony Very Happy About PS4 Launch-Game Variety

Shuhei Yoshida is happy to just talk about games coming out soon, and not those in the far-flung future.

Well over a million gamers will be grabbing their PlayStation 4’s this weekend, and while new hardware is always exciting to have in the home, the first-party offerings Sony is bringing to the table aren’t exactly large in number. Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Resogun will be leading the small PlayStation software charge, but president of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, is happy with what his team is offering.

“I’m very happy about how these games have come about,” Yoshida told Giant Bomb in a recent interview. “It’s a challenge for any team working to reach the launch window, and I’m very proud of what they have accomplished.”

Yoshida has been happy with simply sticking with what games are announced, and leaving all the talk about future PS4 titles for, well, the future. In the past, games have been revealed well before they were expected to launch, with The Last Guardian standing as one of the biggest offenders.

“It’s a fortunate thing for us to not talk about our future products too early, because you know that game development can change,” he continued."In the past, we prematurely announced some projects, and everyone was like ‘where is it? Where is it?’”

The number might not be there in terms of first-party games, but there are plenty of projects worth getting excited for during the PS4’s launch. Look for all the fun to begin Nov. 15.