Call Of Duty Ghosts: The Best Gun In The Game, And How To Soup It Up

Let’s get straight to the chase: one gun stands above the rest. Learn which one it is and how to augment it best.

We have an analysis on the best gun in Call of Duty Ghosts and the most suitable setup for it. Watch the video here, or read the rundown below.

We’ll just get straight to it: the MSBS, a 3 round burst fire assault rifle, is the best weapon in the game. Its damage varies from 20-55 per round, with a decent range of 42 meters. Even if you hit an enemy from that far away, three rounds with 20 damage ensures you take out over half an enemy’s health. Therefore, the MSBS can take out enemies with as little as one to two bursts.

The MSBS has 448 RPM, and a magazine size of 30, with 90 rounds. It also has an ADS time of 0.3 seconds and a reload time of 2.63 – 3.03 seconds, depending on how full your magazine is. These are all typical, with just a little faster reload time, and really, the damage output is all it needs.

Generally, you will want to choose optics over iron sights for the MSBS, and any optic will do. For barrel attachments, the muzzle brake is probably the best to use, increasing your damage by 20 %. Flash suppressors are ok, but do not use silencers at all, because it compromises your range, therefore lowering your one-shot kill range as well.

Underbarrel attachments, such as the grip and the shotgun, are not recommended since the high damage output makes them unnecessary. If you really want it, you could attach a grenade launcher, but otherwise these aren’t needed.

Similarly, many mods are rendered unnecessary by the MSBS’ high advantage. The extended mags aren’t needed since the high damage means you should generally save up on bullets between reloads. Armor piercing may also not be that useful, although that varies with each player’s situation. Automatic fire has the consequence of affecting your recoil, and you’d be better off getting a real semiauto gun than modding this into one.

You need to use two perks: Stalker and Focus. Stalker will allow you to move quickly, so it’s useful to have you aiming downsight. Focus will help you earn on-the-spot accuracy, which is most useful in one on one confrontations.

You can watch the video below.