GTA Online: Max Out Your Lung Capacity

If you’re bored with the game, here’s a quirky skill to level up and possibly spice up the game for you.

Run out of things to do in GTA Online? We have an idea. Here’s a guide on maxing out your lung capacity, possibly the least useful skill in the game.

But hey, least useful does not exactly mean completely useless. Better lung capacity means you can stay underwater for longer periods. It’s not a skillset you’re likely to use in GTA that much, even online, but there is an additional benefit to this.

Maxing out skills gives you an additional +20 to your maximum HP. Having said this, the increase in hit points is dependent on your skill level. So you can add + 20 HP if you’re between level 1 to 20, + 40 HP if you’re between level 21 to 40, and so forth. If you’re at level 100, this is one extra thing you can do to add to your total HP.

You might be asking yourself, how does this work exactly? Usually, raising lung capacity is a matter of spending time swimming. You need to note that the duration spent in the water is what’s important, not the distance you travelled while swimming. As you may be guessing now, this is where the trick relies.

So, there is a waterfall in Tongva Valley, indicated in the map above. There is a spot in that waterfall where you need only move forward a few steps and the game will interpret it as you swimming, even though you’re staying erect the whole time.

Once you’ve found that spot in the Tongva Valley waterfall, walk towards it with the camera facing down, stay there to ‘swim’ until you’re down to 1/4ths breath, and release your thumbstick so you drift out of the waterfall, where you can breathe.

Repeat over and over until you 100 % it. The great thing about this trick is it saves you time compared to actually swimming, but the repetition could still get to you to. You can keep coming back here and repeat the ritual a few times, or get the full 100 % in about an hour. Either way, this guarantees you 100 % lung capacity in probably the quickest way possible.

If you need more help with the instructions, or assistance finding that sweet spot ,watch the video below.