Epic Possibly Hints At Gears of War on PS4

Epic vice president tells Sony execs they should ‘play some Gears of War!’

Epic vice-president and co-founder Mark Rein has possibly suggested that Gears of War could be coming to PlayStation 4. 

In response to a Tweet from Sony's Adam Boyes who spoke about the pre-PS4 launch activities taking place in New York next week Rein said he and Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida should "play some Gears of War!

His tweet was later followed by this comment which seemed to dash expectations of the franchise landing on PlayStation: 

That being said, the Gears of War franchise launched in 2007 so Boyes and everyone else at Sony has had plenty of time to delve into the series and there's no particular reason to do so now – unless another game is coming, one that might be announced at Sony's event. 

While Gears of War has only ever been released on Xbox 360 and PC Epic owns the IP meaning they're not tied to Microsoft exclusively. 

Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently said that he believes the series ran its course on Xbox 360 and that any future installment should be "more gritty" but he gave no indication of when such a game might be released.