Sony Shows Off Knack Two Player Co-op and Remote Play

Knack shown in co-op mode and remote play with new trailers for PS4 launch game.

The PlayStation Blog has a new trailer showing off PS4 launch title Knack's two player co-op mode as well as details on how the "unique" component of the game works. 

Daniel Brooke, an online producer at Worldwide Studios, says: 

"Knack’s co-op is a little different from some cooperative games you may have played. From the very beginning, Knack was meant to be both a challenging and rewarding old-school style character action game, as well an accessible 'gateway' title for gamers to initiate their friends and family members into the joys of true console gaming.

"On Normal or Hard, the game can be brutally challenging and very rewarding. But with simple controls and set to Easy mode, even the newest of players can experience the world of Knack."

He adds that Knack co-op is the perfect way to get a non-gamer or "light" gamer to start playing the game. This ties in with comments from Mark Cerny, the game's producer and PS4 system architect, who revealed in July that Sony created a DualShock 4 controller 50 per cent larger than normal so the developers could appreciate how holding a controller is different for children. 

While Knack is described as an accesible game it's also considered old-school and Brooke says Crash Bandicoot fans should find plenty to love in the platformer. 

Knack launches on November 15th in North America and on November 29th in Europe. Below is the co-op mode in action as well as remote play Vita footage and a new video has also emerged today showing off the PS4's insides. 

Knack Quest, a free app, has also been released for iOS with the Android version coming soon. The game allows users to unlock content for use in Knack