Sony Files Patents For Head Mounted PlayStation Displays

More evidence emerges that Sony may be working on virtual reality interfaces for PS4.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has filed a number of patent applications for head mounted PlayStation displays.

NeoGAF user gofreak spotted the listings one of which is for a head mounted display while the other is for an audio system which allows those using head mounted displays to detect real world hazards while deeply immersed in interactive activities. 

Investors in the projects are listed as Ian Bickerstaff and Simon Benson. Bickerstaff is a senior engineer at Evolution Studios – the developers of Motorstorm and DriveClub – while Benson is a senior development manager at PlayStation Europe. 

In September, rumours emerged that Sony was working on a virtual reality interface for the PlayStation 4 which was supposed to be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. While that didn't happen it doesn't mean the company isn't working on the technology; Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has previously commented, "We don't talk about that [virtual reality]." 

Yoshida has also said he "loves" the Oculus Rift. It's believed that if Sony does produce a VR headset it will be sold separately to the PS4 in order to keep the console's price down – the same reason the PlayStation Camera isn't included – but as ever, plans can change.