Capcom Wants Dead Rising 4 to have More Co-Op Players, Loftier Goals

Dead Rising 3 hasn’t even launched, but the team is still thinking about what can be done with a sequel.

You know that Dead Rising 3 game that’s just weeks away from release? For right now, put that on the backburner. Game producer Mike Jones recently spoke to OXM about the number of cooperative players in the game, and while time constraints and technical limitations forced Capcom Vancouver to limit the headcount to just two, Jones admits that the next game will do much more.

"If you unlock a chapter or side missions or whatever, you can go back to your game and skip those or replay those, if the host makes a story decision you don't like, you can go back and change the direction of the game," Jones explained. "We put a lot of emphasis on making a two player co-op game and making it more meaningful, and for the next game we'll set loftier goals – now that we have our open world, now that we have our networking tech."

No, that doesn’t mean that Dead Rising 3 is just some launch game that should be discounted. What the developers have shown of the game so far has been impressive, and it’ll likely be one of the few early games worth playing (sorry, Ryse). However, it’s encouraging to hear that the future sounds bright for both the franchise and its studio. Look to hear more on Dead Rising 3, and possibly even Dead Rising 4, in the near future.