NBA 2K14’s Next-Gen Eco-Motion Engine Will Bring Players to Life

A new engine will help bring NBA 2K14 to the next-generation of consoles with a bang, and a new developer diary explains exactly why.

NBA 2K14 on next-generation consoles isn’t just a prettier paint job on a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. The basketball game will feature a new gameplay foundation that developer Visual Concepts calls the "Eco-Motion Engine," and a video that was recently released on PlayStation’s YouTube channel explains exactly why that’s important for future buyers.

“Next gen means the ability to do so many more things in our game,” said senior producer Rob Jones. “To really bring players to life in a way that we’ve never done before. To make the game look smarter, feel better, and react in a more realistic fashion then it ever has.”

The ability for players to actually emote and realistically react to each and every shot has been crucial to development, too. Many of the smaller details that the team has wanted to implement in the past are now possible with the power of the PS4 and Xbox One.

“More than just visual realism, what we’re going for this year is emotional realism,” said art director Anton Dawson.

There’s plenty of info on the engine in the above video, and while the PlayStation 4 is the console of choice for this instance, the Eco-Motion Engine will be on both platforms. Look to pick up NBA 2K14 at the launch of the new hardware.