Cancel Halloween and DOTA Players will Rage

The absence of Diretide this year has caused an uproar in forums and even in Barack Obama’s page.

When Valve did not announce Diretide for DOTA 2 this year, all hell broke loose as players vented their disappointment all over the internet including forums, Volvo's social media accounts, and even Barack Obama's Facebook page. 

Diretide is a seasonal event and sale in the game's store held alongside Team Fortress 2's Scream Fortress. Volvo was one of the casualties stringed along in this incident since their name is close to Valve's. Their social media accounts were barraged with demands to "fix" the wrong Valve apparently caused.

Yes, someone even called Volvo to complain:

Users have also expressed their discontent by lowering the game's rating on Metacritic and going as far complaining on Barack Obama's Facebook page. It was also noted that some players have acquired the phone number of a DOTA 2 community star to threathen him.

Kotaku reported that users justify their actions because of Valve's lack of communication about the issue instead of its absence.

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