Review: Earloomz Bluetooth Headset

Review of the Star Wars themed Earloomz headset.

Earloomz, not only does the name look and just sound cool but their Bluetooth headsets completely dominates in design. Earloomz has recently sent over one of their newly designed Bluetooth headsets to check out and the new theme they decided to go with, which is none other but the highly popular movie and gaming series Star Wars. Earloomz is great for gamers wanting to play while needing to pick up that important phone call or to show off a fashion trend.

From the box:


  • Bluetooth headset

  • Interchangeable Black and Clear piece

  • Multiple size inserts

  • USB Cord

  • AC adapter



These days there are several options to give your gadgets a great design look, whether you're looking to give your phone a makeover to your media playing devices like a iPod. Earloomz has a incredibly wide selection of attractive headsets. They have literally something for everyone that is if your big into games, movies, music, cartoons, the main point I really want to stress here is that you will find something that fits your trend of design. All of the Earloomz headsets come with the basic frame with both a black or clear piece to go over the top of your ear and of course the fashionable design for everyone to see.



We were sent the new Darth Vader headset that not only looked sick but works pretty good for its price. The headset came just in time, allowing me to use the product while traveling on a little vacation so this headset got a great amount of testing while on the move. I could make and receive calls while being able to hear the and speak clearly. The speaker sounded alright but tended to be a little on the quiet side. However the microphone works great with no problems of being able to pick up my voice and could clearly talk to whomever was on the other line. The only problem you may have is when in a noisy environment, too much noise could drown out the speaker causing you to not be able to hear your call which is the only main fault in this product. However that's not to say you can't hear through the speaker at all. The headset also fits real nice and snug to the ear, which is a really nice knowing that it won't easily fall off unlike some headsets on the market today. The entire setup for the headset was painless, Earloomz made the Bluetooth headset trouble free giving a detailed guide and instructions on how to go about syncing up the headset.


In Closing:

When your buying from Earloomz you're not just buying a Bluetooth headset, you're buying a fashion statement to express to everyone who your are. You have a great choice of designs and a wonderful microphone that will pickup your voice without a problem. However the speaker is just a tad on the quiet side which is really the only con in this particular headset. Most of the headsets offered by Earloomz comes with a $59.99 price tag. If you looking for a Bluetooth headset with a great choice of design and a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket then you definitely need to check out Earloomz and give their headsets a chance.


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Note: Earloomz supplied Bluetooth headset for review.