Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Improvements Detailed

Upcoming issue of OXM to reveal new Mass Effect 3 improvements related to Shepard’s Mobility, Weapons, Armor and more.

mass effect 3

An upcoming issue of the Official Xbox Magazine contains a slew of new information regarding Bioware's upcoming RPG, Mass Effect 3. While it won't be released this year, the information revealed in the magazine gives us more reason to look forward to the game.

Among other things, Shepard's combat mobility will be improved with the ability to jump, roll, and blindfire from behind cover, much like in Gears of War.

Shepard will go up against three varieties of Cerberus troops, who are divided between heavy bruisers, medium infantry, and light shock troops.

Weapons will contain three upgrade slots—scope, barrel, and grip. Players will be able to customize the color and detail of their weapons. Further upgrades will be available to the player, including an optical upgrade that allows Shepard to increase the scoping range.

Armor is said to have a larger effect on combat, although it is unknown at this point as to whether Bioware will be implementing targetable body parts.

Finally, Shepard will have to build alliances between the galaxy's various civilizations, the effects of which will determine the overall outcome of the game. The gameplay mechanic is described as being similar to earning the trust of squadmates in Mass Effect 2's suicide mission. The player's mistakes can cause entire armadas to be lost against the Reapers