EA Takes Battlefield 4 Advertising to the Skies

EA has advertised Battlefield 4 above the skies of Redwood City with four planes tasked to skywrite the number ‘4’.

battlefield 4

Electronic Arts is well known for their marketing stunts, which have ranged from the somewhat offensive, if always amusing act of dressing up as hyper-religious protesters at a past E3 to protest the release of Dante's Inferno, to the cooler act of showcasing Battlefield 3 on mobile projectors (e.g. dudes carrying around battery-powered projectors) throughout Stockholm, Sweden. 

EA has done it again with Battlefield 4, by hiring skywriters in planes to draw the number 4 in the sky yesterday afternoon to promote the game in four colors above the skies of Redwood City, California. According to a news snippet, the skywriting could be seen from as far away as "the Willow Market parking lot in Menlo Park." 

Sadly, the photograph looks like it was taken with a potato held up by someone incapable of operating electronic devices.

battlefield 4 potato