EA Developing Next-Gen FIFA World Cup Game

EA investor call reveals development on a new FIFA World Cup game.

In an investor call discussing EA's second fiscal quarter for 2014, CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned EA's work on a new FIFA World Cup game appearing on next generation consoles. Wilson specifically mentions the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but could not clarify a release on current consoles.

 His mention of the FIFA World Cup game reads as follows:

In the last two weeks, you’ve also seen several announcements about our product slate for the remainder of this year and into FY15. We are refining our focus on our biggest brands and great new IP in development, including The Sims 4, EA SPORTS UFC, FIFA World Cup and Dragon Age Inquisition.

FIFA World Cup game releases tend to follow the World Cup cycle of hosting the sporting event every four years. Players last saw a FIFA World Cup title in 2010 alongside the World Cup in South Africa.

EA aims to bring back another franchise with the release of NBA Live 14. EA recently detailed the game's newest Ultimate Team mode that allows players to create a dynasty team.