Pokemon X and Y SuperGuide: How To Train Your Pokemon

Use the tips here to breed the very best Pokemon there ever was.

We are summarizing for you the salient points of a superguide on how to train a perfect Pokemon. This encompasses breeding, hatching and EV training. Remember that we are placing a summary here for a quick review. For all the fine details, you can check out the full guide here.

You will need to meet three criteria to successfully breed a Pokemon egg:

  1. The parent Pokemon have to be in the same egg group
  2. The parent Pokemon have to be different genders
  3. The parent Pokemon have to be adults only.

The eggs are created when you place the two Pokemon in a daycare, with the chances of an egg appearing dependent on their ID and species.

Parent Pokemon can pass several traits to their offspring. IVs, short for Individual Values, refer to the statistics they have. Natures, on the other hand, modify these stats, taking 10 % from one stat and passing it to another. By making parent Pokemon hold certain items, you have control over what stats the offspring will have. You can also pass down Hidden Egg moves and abilities.

After your Pokemon is born, you will want to train it to increase its stats further, aka, have it fight other Pokemon. While IVs are set the moment your Pokemon is born, EVs, or effort values, are earned from battle. Fighting particular Pokemon yields particular EVs, so with careful planning you can bring out the best in your child Pokemon. The rule of thumb is to leverage your strengths instead of compensating for weaknesses. You can raise as much as 510 EV points.

While training your Pokemon, you can use Vitamins, Wings and Berries to temporarily raise stats for tough battles. To make the most out of training, you will want to use advanced techniques like Horde Training and using Pokerus.

That’s it for now. If you want to get more details, check out the link above for the full guide.

Source: Reddit