Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Guide

Battlefield 4 releases tomorrow and here’s some easter eggs to watch out for.

One of the fun things about playing video games include hunting for easter eggs. We often see nods to the developer and their games. Sometimes even games that they are a fan of but not necessarily something they developed.

Battlefield is an enduring franchise with a vibrant culture of players of its own. As the latest game in the series comes out for current-generation consoles, here are some of the early easter eggs we found. We'll be updating this guide as we find more.

DICE Coffee Mug and  Battlefield 4 Advertisement Within the Game

While you may not see the "dinosaur" easter egg mentioned here, you can see the developer DICE printed on the coffee mug and an advertisement for the game on the newspaper. It is noted to be found at the very beginning of the second mission.

"ECID" Shipping

The easter egg isn't in this video for some strange reason, but the description says that DICE spelled backwards is used as a name for a shipping company. It can be found during the second mission where the stairs leading up to rooftop with the helicopter is located.

Mirror's Edge Easter Egg

A subtle nod to DICE's other game Mirror's Edge is found on a TV screen during the second campaign mission inside the Singapore hotel. It had the phrases "red," "do you like to run?," "heights," and "Faith" flashing on the screen.

Literal Easter Egg Basket

In the flood zone map, you can find a basket of easter eggs. You can see the location in the video beginning at 12:40.

Battlefield Watch

In one part of the game, you can see the character wearing a watch that has the game's title on it.

More to come…