Battlefield 4 Helicopter Unlockables Guide

Level up your helicopter to turn your rotorcraft into a killing machine.

We have a spiffy new image gallery showing off the unlockables for Attack and Scout Helicopters in Battlefield 4. We’ll also share details below, so if will have a hard time reading the pics where you’re browsing this right now, no worries.

  • Laser guided anti-tank missile launcher – lock on to targets, even if they go out of sight, but require you keep it locked on.
  • Infrared flare – disrupt incoming missiles and will break up lock ons when deployed.
  • Smart rocket – have their own built in guidance that will hit the nearest armored target.
  • 25 mm cannon – will spit out 25 mm explosive shells to take out infantry and light and medium armor.
  • Thermal gunner – a night vision system that shows heat signatures across all ranges, displayed in black and white.
  • Fire extinguisher – This is actually a complete fire extinguisher system that can only be used when the helicopter reaches critical state. It will clear critical state and start vehicle recovery.
  • Stealth coating – Increases the time it takes for targeting systems to lock onto your choppa.
  • Gunner proximity scan – when it scans the area surrounding your helicopter, it shows enemy movement on the minimap.
  • Tow missile – wire-guided anti-tank missile which deals heavy damage to heavily armored targets, as well as the poor infantry in proximity.
  • Heatseekers – missile that guide themselves to the target after locking on.
  • Air radar – minimap replaced with air radar display that shows targets in a wider radius around the helicopter.
  • Hydra rockets – rocket pod system that adapts to take out targets under infantry and wearing light, medium and heavy armor.
  • Zuni rockets – antivehicle rockets that increase damage and hits armor directly. The flip side is that less rockets can be fired out at one time.
  • Gyro stabilizer – automatically stabilizes your helicopter after receiving a critical hit.
  • 7.62 miniguns – machine guns with high rate of fire to take out infantry, light armor and aircraft.
  • ECM jammer – countermeasure system that prevents targeting systems from autolocking you. It also disrupts incoming missiles, but the system resets ever so often to do this.

Attack helicopters get everything, scout helicopters get the 25 mm cannons, IR flares, laser guided missile launchers, heatseekers, 7.62 miniguns, and air radar.

Check out the gallery below.

Source: Reddit