Battlefield 4: Watch These Multiplayer Map Gameplay Previews

You can take a sneak peek at gameplay for seven of the ten multiplayer maps.

Following up with the recently discovered Flood Zone map, we have gameplay previews for six more multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4. Read some descriptions and click on to get a taste of the action. One last note: we already shared this in an earlier post, but for your convenience, we're resharing Flood Zone here so these are all in one place.


Dawnbreaker is set deep in the heart of a city, just as the sun is about to come up. It is one of the darker maps in the game and will force you to prioritize infantry combat, although vehicles are available.


Transmission is a very interesting location; a giant observatory. You can trek on foot and in vehicles around a giant antenna dish. You can actually fight on top of the dish, and just below it is a greenhouse dense with lush vegetation.

Golmud Railway

Golmud Railways is a wider map than most. As implied, the map covers a large area crossed by railroad tracks, and has a lot of open mountains and fields to fight in. This map is ideal for vehicular combat.

Lancang Dam

In contrast to Flood Zone, Lancang Dam is more sea than land, but actually offers a mix of land, sea, and air combat. You will have to mix it up between infantry, vehicular and naval combat as you traverse different locations to meet several objectives.

Operation Locker

Operation Locker is located in a prison and offers its own unique set of challenges. This prison is located on a mountaintop, affecting the building’s structure, with many small and medium sized rooms and cells. Combat will be fierce and up close.

Hainan Resort

Hainan Resort is a vacation hideaway gone wrong. While soldiers fight it out in an abandoned island resort, a tanker burns oil and pollutes the air in the background. There is some vehicular and naval action but this one is more about infantry than Lancang Dam.

Flood Zone

Flood Zone is a Chinese town set right next to a large dam. You can take down the dam, flooding the city and changing the gameplay dramatically. There are vehicles available here, but of course they become useless once the waters rise.

Battlefield 4 is releasing October 29 on Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.