Pokemon X and Y: Guide To The Vivillon Patterns Around The World

You can get different Vivillon patterns in the game, but it will take some work.

We have a new guide for Pokemon X and Y, showing where the colorful Vivillon’s different color patterns are around the world. If you were looking to get a Vivillon of a different flavor, you’ve come to the right place.

And when I say around the world, I don’t mean the game world, I mean around the world. Your copy of Pokemon will read what region has been placed in the 3DS profile settings and determine the pattern your Vivillon will have accordingly.

You have some control in what colors you get here, in that you can set the region in your 3DS. If you forgot to do so, the 3DS will give you the default for your country.

As you may have guessed, a single game only has one Vivillon pattern, and you can’t changed the pattern by changing your 3DS region settings mid-game. However, you can if you change those settings right before you start a new save.

If you do get a Scatterbug from another player, it will evolve into the pattern that player had. However, when you start breeding Vivillon, your game will choose the color pattern from your region/country. Here's a look at what pattern each is called, color coded on the map.

Vivillon colors don’t affect gameplay, but it is great to have alternate colors. And as if all this variation is not enough, each of these Vivillon also have Shinies! You can dig up how to get those Shinies here.

 Our source has also handily created a list of in-game locations to find Vivillon. They also have a running survey so you can help them collect more info on Vivillon regions. You can help from the link below.

Source: Imgur