Squirtle is the Best Starter Pokemon, Says Scientific American

Research suggests that Squirtle is the best starter Pokemon.

Very few decisions prove as difficult as the selection of a starter Pokemon. To aid players in the process and settle a life-long debate, Kyle Hill explains in a Scientific American post why Squirtle surpasses all other starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue.

To start his research, Hill gathered the average statistics for all Pokemon across each generation and plots them on a graph. To conclude, Hill acknowledges the similar groupings of statistics except for Pokemon Red and Blue's. He attributes their slight advantage to the larger number of legendary Pokemon pulling up the average.

Hill then breaks down each starter Pokemon's statistics. While Bulbasaur and Charmander carry an advantage early on, Wartortle improves 100-300% over Squirtle's base statistics. Yet Squirtle's statistics do not only factor in the decision. Hill assesses the first few gym leaders and the type of Pokemon they use.

Squirtle's effectiveness and highest defence makes progressing through the first few gyms a much easier task. He detail's the effectiveness against each leader in an exhaustive chart. As a result, Squirtle tallies the most advantages and least disadvantages against all 12 gym leaders.

While this may not apply to other Pokemon starters or even with Pokemon X and Y, Hill stands by his decision in picking Squirtle.