Pokemon X And Y Guide to Gain Experience and Money Faster

If you don’t like to play fair, then here’s a way to gain experience and money faster in Pokemon X & Y.

A user on Reddit darksplaze found a way to manipulate Pokemon X & Y's system to gain experience and money faster than the usual rate. He discovered this during a battle at Restaurant Le Wow.

When you use the Exp Point O-Power on yourself and then do the Triple Battle Option, you will keep the Exp O-Power bonus for each battle since it acts as a battle chain. The Pokemon you are facing in this area are in the mid 60's.


The cost to do this is $100,000/run! You will make ~$170,000 back total after selling Mushrooms and using Amulet Coin

1. Go to Anistar City Pokemon Center and talk to the man in the top left corner to gain the Exp Point O-Power
2. Fly to the center of Luminose City, then make your way to Hibernal Avenue (between Rouge Plaza and Jaune Plaza).
3. Enter Restaurant Le Wow (Black building with 3 stars).
4. Use the Exp Point O-Power (Second page in PSS, under the GTS button).
5. Talk to the lady and choose the Triple Battle option.
6. Battle the 5 trainers (If you want more money, pay attention to how many turns they ask for you to complete them in).
7. When finished, exit the restaurant and repeat from step3.

Other Item Locations

Lucky Egg: Coumarine City Hotel (Fly to Coumarine and take the train back, then exit the station and go north when possible into a building. Girl will be on the left)
Amulet Coin: Parfum Palace (Inside the fireplace in one of the rooms)



Garchomp (Full Affection/Lucky Egg)
Normal Audino Kill:7,897 Exp. Points
Exp O-Power 1 Audino Kill: 9,476 Exp. Points
Exp O-Power 2 Audino Kill: 11,845 Exp. Points

Bonus Exp  % Rate:

EXP Power Lvl 1: 20%
EXP Power Lvl 2: 50%
EXP Power Lvl 3: 100%

Number of Balm Mushrooms/run (Worth $6,250ea) -> 16-18

Other Notes:

·       I highly recommend getting your Pokemon that you want to train to full affection as it increases exp by 20%, as well as use a Lucky Egg.

·       Use moves that hit multiple Pokemon as well! Im currently using Earthquake, Heat Wave, and Dazzling Gleam with my Garchomp, Charizard, and Sylveon respectively.

·       You'll gain Balm Mushrooms for doing this which currently gives me around $100,000 per run as I don't go for the recommended turns. Finally, give one Pokemon an Amulet Coin to increase profits 🙂

·       If you want to gain the most money possible, be sure to do it in the amount of turns that you're told before the battle. This will help you get the 25 max Balm Mushrooms that is possible. Personally, I choose to ignore it and kill in 1 or 2 turns as you'll be doing this a lot and gaining a lot of money anyways 🙂

·       O-Powers recharge rate depends on how many steps you have on your 3DS step counter throughout the day. Once you hit 4,000 steps your O-Power's will recharge at 4x the normal rate.

·       This will work with all other restaurants! However, do not use this at Sushi High Roller to grind as the difference in Pokemon levels and the $500,000 fee is not worth it.

Happy Training!

Thank you again to darksplaze for sharing this and making a lot of us richer!

Pokemon X & Y was released on October 12th for the Nintendo 3DS platform.