DriveClub Rumored to Be Delayed Until Spring 2014

Could another next-gen title be delayed as well? Rumors and speculation believe so.

A rumor has been spreading around the internet that Sony’s big racing game DriveClub has been moved from its November 15th release date to next spring.

A UK website called The Same Coin posted an article earlier today claiming that “an anonymous source” notified them that the racing game has been delayed. Although they admit that it is purely speculation at the moment, video game news outlet Kotaku did some digging of their own.

One of their sources, who was said to be privy to Sony’s affairs, claimed that the report is true.

The buzz around the rumor did not die down especially when it was reported that Sony held an event in San Francisco earlier today to show off their PS4 games. DriveClub was originally part of the lineup, but a Sony rep told Kotaku that it was removed due to a “scheduling conflict.”

When asked by numerous members of the press, Sony representatives and DriveClub developers were mum about the report.

Sony revealed during E3 earlier this year that DriveClub would be free to PlayStation Plus members on day one of the PS4’s release. If the rumor is true, the company might have to replace it with another PS4 exclusive title or take the offer off the table altogether.

Similarly, upcoming Ubisoft game Watch Dogs was confirmed to be delayed until next spring. It was also a launch title that was a part of both the PS4’s and the Xbox One’s bundles.