GTA 5 Easy Custom Crew Emblems Tutorial Guide

Don’t have Adobe Illustrator or other professional image editors? Make your own custom emblem for free! Just follow our handy guide below:

Looking for a way to make your own crew emblems for GTA Online?  We’ve found a nifty guide which won’t require you to buy any professional software, although you will need to get some work in, and stay online.

A fan has made a guide to making GTA Online custom crew emblems with the help of, Inkscape, and Rockstar’s uploader. You will also need an email account, although the guide explains you can use a temporary email service like 10minutemail. You may also note tutorial is prominently made with Ubuntu, but the tools demonstrated here are available no matter what OS you are using, so don't worry, this is for you too.

Let me take you a step ahead here: download Inkscape in advance here.

Now, if you’re ready, check out the guide below:

Source: Reddit