Pokemon X and Y Shiny Starters and Their Evolutions

Shinies are harder to get in Pokemon X and Y, so you will need this guide if you want them!

White Mega Gangar. Frost blue Tyrunt. Mega Lucario with a tan green hide. Mega Gardevoir dressed in black, quickly dubbed by fans as the Dragonslayer bride. You want to know how to get the Shinies from Pokemon X and Y, and we have the lowdown on how you can get them.

For those who are not familiar with Shiny Pokemon, these are basically Pokemon sporting alternate colors. Shinies were introduced in Pokemon Black and White, and color variations range from very little to dramatically different. Shinies retain these alternate colors when they evolve, and in Pokemon X and Y they are as colorful and redefine each Pokemon as well as ever.

However, the conditions for obtaining Shiny Pokemon have been made harder in Pokemon X and Y, so you may struggle with doing it here compared to previous games. You may find it necessary to do a lot of soft resetting, or, using Masuda’s method. It was named after Game Freak director Junichi Masuda, who introduced it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and has explained it in his own blog. To cut a long story short, you need to breed Pokemon from two different countries. As you can imagine, with PSS and Pokemon Bank, it’s easier to use Masuda’s method now more than ever.

Of course, you’ll really want to know how to get the alternates for Pokemon like Vivillion and Furfrou, and those are in here too. Click on a picture in the album below and hover to find out what methods and locations you can use to obtain a particular Shiny.

Source: Reddit