Pokemon X and Y TM Locations List Guide

If you’re looking for the many hidden TMs within Pokemon X and Y, we’ve got you covered.

It’s Monday, which means your marathon session of either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y is about to come to an end. Sure, you have the rest of your life to attempt to catch each and every pocket monster exploring that massive digital world, but the need to just get as much done in as little time as possible is tough to deny. So, as you make your commute to work, let’s talk about some TM locations in these 3DS titles that you might not know about. Some of the biggest and best attacks are hidden across the globe, and we’re here to let you know exactly where to get them.

This is not a comprehensive list, as we’ll continue to update it as we learn more. So, if you happen to discover anything that’s not listed below, feel free to contribute through the comments below.

·         TM Shadow Claw can be found in Glittering Cave

·         TM42 Facade can be found in Dedmille Town, in a house on the hill

·         TM99 Dazzling Gleam is given by the gym leader of Laverre City

·         TM100 Confide is given in Courmarine City, by the girl who gives out 1 TM per day

·         Earthquake can be found on Route 22, south of the Chamber of Emptiness

·         Dragon Claw can be found on at the end of Victory Road

·         Psychic can be found in Pokemon Village, west of the Mewtwo Cave

·         Sludge Bomb can be found on Route 18

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