Mind Blown: 20 PC Games in 4K Resolution

Gaming in 4K is something every PC gamer should aspire to some day experience, and these screenshots show us precisely why.

Have you ever wondered what gaming in 4K resolution looks like? One can imagine that it looks pretty fucking gorgeous given that the resolution is more than double that of your regular 1080p, but the system requirements to play games on such a resolution are unimaginably high—you'd need a quad core system (easily done) with lots of RAM and perhaps one or two GeForce Titan cards (not so easily done). To that end, a guy going by the name of @GameGriffin on Twitter set up such a system, much to the chagrin and envy of the rest of us, and took screenshots of every video game in his possession—ranging from the usual suspects of Crysis 3 and Metro: Last Light—just to show us what games look like when played at an insane resolution. The effects are, dare we say, astounding.