The Best and Worst Selfies in Grand Theft Auto 5

Los Santos citizens want to show themselves to the world in some very interesting situations.

Over on imgur a gallery of 24 of the best and worst selfies from Los Santos has been posted showing the characters of Grand Theft Auto 5 is some very compromising positions. 

Just about everything is happening in the images below with a woman sleeping (dead?) under a motorbike; a UFO, a dead shark in the middle of car park, a very good impression of Breaking Bad's Walter White, and a car in a swimming pool – among others.

For something a little less eccentric you can always check out this Los Santos time lapse. For something even more eccentric, there's this list of the game's most "holy shit" moments

Yesterday, new rumours emerged that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on PC. The selfies are below; have you taken any interesting shots?

Bonus round, courtesy of Dave Oshry: