Madden NFL 25 Brings Play Calling to SmartGlass

Madden NFL 25 CoachGlass presents recommended plays for specific situations.

Tablet or smartphone owners can carry out their Madden NFL 25 play calling using the CoachClass application.

Using the SmartGlass features of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, CoachGlass gathers data from online matches to present players with play suggestions. Considering your opponents tendencies, the CoachGlass recommends defensive plays perfect for countering likely plays. CoachGlass also lets players select offensives and defensive plays while also browsing previous plays called during the game. Filters to sort out distance or specific situations help refine play selection.

The Xbox One SmartGlass application also works away from the console, even allowing for remote downloads and purchases.

The Madden NFL 25 CoachGlass application will work in any mode on the November 19th launch.