State of Decay Breakdown DLC Increases Zombie Lethality

The State of Decay Breakdown DLC increases the zombie destruction from all aspects.

Undead Labs wants to challenge the survivability of State of Decay fans with the new Breakdown DLC.

The Breakdown DLC addresses a number of areas in State of Decay to continually increase the difficulty of survival. Stronger, faster and tireless zombies invade with the Breakdown DLC, which doesn't help considering the freak zombies will spawn at a greater rate.

The Breakdown DLC doesn't just ramp up the difficulty, it improves on some systems. Undead Labs improved source gathering and sharing to ensure a fairer distribution among players. With the modifications to car strength, resources become so much more important.

To prevent players from just ramming their vehicles into hordes of zombies and just hopping into a new vehicle, spawning rate of cars dropped. Vehicles no longer appear around every corner so players will soon find themselves avoiding crowds and sneaking around more than ever before.

Now in certification, the State of Decay Breakdown DLC will release on the Xbox 360 by the end of October. Undead Labs does not mention a PC release, despite the recent PC launch.