Need for Speed: Rivals Devs Explain Progression and Personalization

Need for Speed: Rivals includes a variety of customization and personalization options.

Ghost Games, the team developing Need for Speed: Rivals, took to their blog to answer fan questions about some of the game's creative aspects.

Worried about progression caps like in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Ghost Games explains the multiple progression paths provide many options. Since players drive both as Cops and Racers, selecting Assignments and Speedlists varies depending on the role players choose. If a player chooses the Enforcer role, they can go back and complete other Assignments and Speedlists not yet completed.

Completing Assignments and Speedlists rewards players with SpeedPoints used to purchase vehicles, tech and gadgets. With over 100 miles of track and a variety of shortcuts not shown on the map, upgrading your vehicles improves chances of escaping or perusing.

SpeedPoints also lets players purchase more personalization options. Decals, stripes and liveries give each car their own distinctive appearance first demonstrated in the Need for Speed: Rivals Personalization trailer.

Need for Speed: Rivals will launch November 19th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Xbox One and PS4 versions will arrive close to each console's launch.