The Dead Linger Alpha Version Slammed as ‘Disastrous’

Negative comments reportedly deleted from the official developer forums on Steam. Users are fuming over the situation.

Zombie game The Dead Linger has been slammed as "disastrous" following the release of the title's alpha as part of the Steam Greenlight Early Access program.

Reddit user MathasStarcraft described the release as "a barely functioning prototype" despite developer Sandswept raising $155,000 – more than double their goal – from Kickstarter. 

Among the problems listed are:

"Biomes spawn on top of each other, zombies pop in and out at random as do many other parts of the world. Combat is…well…I wouldn't call it combat. Things fly through walls and everything seems incredibly place holder."

In addition, it seems negative comments about The Dead Linger are being deleted from Steam forums suggesting anger surrounding the title is not isolated to a small number of players.

As an alpha version there are going to be bugs and other issues affecting the overall performance of the game but it seems that perhaps $20 for Early Access might be a tad high in this instance. 

Have you experienced problems with The Dead Linger or had comments concerning the game deleted? If these reports are accurate the zombie genre could have another The War Z on its undead hands.