Latest Wii U Update Requires You Accept New Nintendo Network Terms and Conditions

Don’t pass over the fine print, Wii U owners, you will want to know how your rights are affected by the new service agreement.

Wii U’s latest firmware update does add a few long desired features to the console, but there’s a catch; you have to agree to the new Nintendo Network services agreement. Failure to do so will disallow you from logging onto Nintendo Network.

Of course, this is a major problem for Wii U owners who do not want to sign in. As their answer to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live, the Nintendo Network is your way into getting Nintendo Network IDs, the Universal Friend Code system, the Nintendo eShop, including the Virtual Console, online multiplayer, TVii, chat, the web browser, and Miiverse.

So what’s up?

I looked up the services agreement, and there are a few provisions you may not like. First off, Nintendo Network IDs will only work in the US, Canada, and nearby countries in the Americas. Cancelling your Nintendo account means you are giving up access to any of the information found within. Nintendo wants you to give them a license to share your user content, such as Miiverse drawings, and takes no responsibility for any 3rd party content. They will also monitor your Nintendo Network activity. Finally, there is a class action waiver provision. This adds new layers to prior restrictions meant to protect children.

I’m not crazy for many of these provisions. For example, I think Nintendo, like Google and Facebook, should provide a way for you to access your Nintendo Network data after you decide to cancel it. However, we should at least appreciate that Nintendo is being up front about what they will be doing with your Nintendo Network account.

There is another possibility raised by having so many new restrictive provisions. Is Nintendo ready to provide cloud backups of Wii U and 3DS user accounts, so that people who lose their consoles need only login to a new console? This is the big one fans have been looking for. Cross your fingers.  

Source: NintendoEnthusiast