NBA 2K14 Tutorials and Tips

NBA 2K14 tutorials and tips videos.

Updated: October 2, 2013

As NBA 2K14 arrives on store shelves and launches on digital stores, some players will want some direction when performing dunks and when collecting virtual currency. The videos below will help with help players perform specific dunks and quickly accumulate some virtual currency.

Two Brothers Gaming NBA 2K14 is a prolific youtube channel that has all manner of tips and guides about the eponymous game, and they've put together a new guide on how to perform the Screen and Read Drill, which is new to NBA 2K14. They've also taken the opportunity to provide some career tips for fledgling gamers new to the basketball title.

To perform an alley-oop dunk with a self pass off the backboard, players should jump after the free throw line while holding both triggers. Hold the dunk button and watch as your player catches his own pass for a dunk.

When running in for a 360 dunk, players must simply rotate the left stick in a clockwise motion and hit the dunk button.

To quickly collect NBA 2K14 Virtual Currency, YouTube User TruuSports found that a quick match will collect VC at an incredible pace. With performance sliders maxed, play through a match and save with a few seconds left and reload the saves. He details the steps in the video below.