Star Citizen HD Revealed at AMD Event

Two minute sizzle reel shows off what PC gamers can look for in 2014.

At an AMD event yesterday the company announced the new R7 and R9 'Hawaii' line of PC graphics cards along with a reveal trailer for Star Citizen HD which you can see below.

During the presentation Cloud Imperium Games Corporation's Chris Roberts showed off the game's "sizzle" reel as a demonstration of what the new chips can do. It certainly looks stunning and may well be one of the best PC games of 2014.

Star Citizen HD was announced last year and successfully funded on Kickstarter where it brought in $6.2 million. At the time, the game's developers wrote: 

"The battle is over and we – PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest – have won. You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it."

As you might expect; the trailer features a number of futuristic environments and space battles.