Sony: Dedicated Fans Keeping Vita from Getting Shelved

If it wasn’t for the loud group of consumers preaching about the Vita, the handheld might not even be around.

The PlayStation Vita didn’t start its long retail journey with the whole world on its side. A hefty price point, lack of software, and post-iPhone world all contributed to a difficult beginning for Sony’s second handheld console, but a band of dedicated owners have recently formed. People who have actually purchased and played the Vita seem to swear by its many features and possibilities, and if it wasn’t for this evangelist group, the device might not even be around anymore.

A new interview by CVG with UK managing director Fergal Gara addresses the core group hoisting the Vita up, and how that contingent is needed for the handheld to live.

“I mean, if that wasn't the case I think we would have good reason to lose confidence in the device and shelve it,” Gara said of this rabid fanbase. “We're nowhere close to that decision now.”

This strong positive response hasn’t gone to Sony’s head, though. The company knows there are drawbacks to the Vita.

“There has been great positive feedback, but I want people to know that we do listen intently to the negative feedback, too,” he continued. “We understand the drawbacks – it's a bit expensive, also people expect multi-functionality on high-end mobile and portable devices, the content is expensive and a lot of people are used to getting free or cheap apps.

“But I took a look at the UK figures the other day, and PS Vita is now selling for about £70 less than this time last year, and the games are getting cheaper too, and we've got a Mega-Pack program, which is eight to ten games and a memory stick rolled in for free, and we've seen that as an attractive proposition.”

The price cut has eliminated one of the biggest knocks against the Vita, and with so many indie games releasing in the coming months, there might soon be little to complain about.