PS4 Pre-Orders Will be Met by Christmas

As long as you have a pre-order down for a PS4, the console will arrive before Dec. 25.

The demand for next-generation consoles has been massive. The gaming community has been stuck on the same batch of hardware for around eight years at this point, and unless you just so happen to have a high-end gaming PC, most titles being released today are pushing devices beyond their limits. People want new machines, and thankfully, Sony will be able to provide this hungry audience with the fix it needs. In a new interview with CVG, UK managing director Fergal Gara confirmed that all current PlayStation 4 pre-orders will be fulfilled by Christmas.

That doesn’t mean that anyone who walks into a store will have easy access to the high-tech product, but as long as a claim for a PS4 has been staked, the console will arrive before too much mistletoe is hung.

“Within the first two to three months from launch, we will undoubtedly have ample volume to service any forecasts we have on sales. However, there may well be tight supplies at Christmas, I can see a bit of a pinch point around that time,” Gara said. “The metric that we use is the pre-order demand curve, and we've used our past five console launches as a reference point. Everyone who has put down a pre-order so far will definitely get one before Christmas, as long as nothing goes terribly wrong.”

Sony confirmed that well over 1 million consoles had been pre-ordered at Gamescom, and yes, the company does expect this to be the biggest console launch ever