Nvidia Announces Collaboration With Valve on SteamOS

Nvidia and Valve have been working together for SteamOS.

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Valve's SteamOS isn't being built in a vacuum. Nvidia revealed today that they have been quietly working with Valve on the upcoming Linux-based operating system, which is set to offer its users the ability to play games in the living room much like a gaming console.

If it all works out for Valve, SteamOS-powered computers, also known as "Steam Machines", can be expected to overtake the likes of Windows-powered systems as game developers and publishers alike adopt the new operating system as a primary release platform for their video games.

According to Nvidia's Mark Smith, senior technical evangelist for Nvidia, the company has had its engineered embedded deep within Valve's walls for some time now to help and assist with the development of SteamOS. The work of these nVidia employees includes improving OpenGL performance, and optimizing overall performance for Nvidia graphics cards on SteamOS systems. The engineers also helped Valve to port the Source engine to Linux and reduce input lag in SteamOS.

"The collaboration makes sense as both companies strongly believe in the importance of open-platform innovation, and both companies are committed to providing gamers with a cutting-edge visual experience," said Smith.

"Valve will deliver a great, open-platform gaming experience, and NVIDIA will continue to be the best choice for gaming on any open platform or operating system, including SteamOS."