Battlefield 4 Beta to Include Single Map, Playable Conquest and Domination Modes

Two modes and one map are waiting for Battlefield 4 fans next month.

battlefield 4

EA and DICE’s Battlefield 4 is big. A hefty player count, high level of destruction, and appearance on just about every console under the sun has made this fall blockbuster one of the most ambitious titles to date, and while the developers seem to have the first-person formula fine tuned, the help of the passionate community doesn’t hurt. A beta for the multiplayer portion of the game will be opening for everyone Oct. 4, and new details concerning the program have been revealed through an interview on the EA Vision YouTube channel.

Battlefield 4 Executive Producer Patrick Bach has confirmed that one map will be playable in the beta, titled Siege of Shanghai. Both Conquest and Domination modes will be available for play, and while many people will just take this as an opportunity to rack up kills before the game’s official release, Bach is excited to hear feedback from the loyal community.

“Even if we’re doing it quite late, we still have some opportunity to do some tweaks. And of course, we want to get feedback not only from the beta, but also from the actual game when it’s out on the market,” Bach explained in the interview. “We have a history of following up on the game for months and months after release. For us, it’s an ongoing service.”

If you just so happen to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member, the fun will open up Oct. 1. Otherwise, be prepared to jump right back into this beloved series Oct. 4.