Sony Unaware of GTA 5 PSN Issues

People are upset over the GTA 5 technical problems on PSN, but Sony hasn’t noticed the outcry.

Issues with digital copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation Network have been reported since the game’s launch, but a Sony spokesman claims that the company hasn’t heard of any such problems. Although pop-in and texture mapping problems seem to be affecting those who skipped out on waiting in line all day, the community’s voice has failed to reach Sony quite yet.

"We were not aware of these problems," a Sony spokesperson said to GamesIndustry International.

"However, this isn't an issue we've encountered in any other title, even those which consisted of larger files, such as [The Last of Us]."

This could be a case-by-case issue, though, as Rockstar noted earlier this week that running the game entirely off of a hard drive was anything but ideal. The developer urged users to refrain from installing the play disc to Xbox 360 consoles, and really, the PSN version of GTA 5 might be running into problems because there’s no disc to support it.

"Within five minutes of freely coasting around Los Santos' busier Downtown streets there are major instances of geometry bursting into view and textures taking too long to fully resolve," reported Digital Foundry of the PSN title.

Loading issues haven’t stopped the game from making Rockstar stacks and stacks of cash. The title is a critical and commercial success, but we’ll just have to wait and see if some of the wrinkles can be ironed out before too many people grow tired of the digital version.