GTA 5 Secrets Collectibles Guide

Every collectible in the game is yours to find in this guide for GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 plays host to numerous collectibles. As an open world title, the game—much like its predecessors—is full of stuff for you to find out in the world. These collectibles exist for players who prefer to venture off the beaten path and explore the world.

Prolific YouTuber PowerPyx has put together video guides on how to find each of these collectible items, with the locations and instructions for each.

Monster Stunt Jumps

There are a total of 50 stunt jumps in the game, also known as monster stunts. Completing all of them earns you the "Show Off" trophy or achievement. It's also required for you to find and accomplish all of these stunt jumps to attain a 100% rating in the game.

As PowerPyx notes, it's best to perform these stunt jumps as Franklin as you can trigger his special ability to slow down time while driving, which comes in very handy when performing these stunts.

The best vehicle for performing these stunts is the Pegassi Bati 801 motorbike as it's possible to do each of the stunts with it.

You must always land in a specific area, or even a very specific spot to complete the stunt jump. If you drive too fast, or too slow, you might miss the target area and the stunt will fail.

A nice little trick is to use the quick save before every stunt jump. After loading the save game you will be sitting in your car (or on your bike) again and still be at the exact same spot where you saved the game. That way you will never lose any progress if you die or destroy your vehicle.

From Beyond the Stars

The goal of this particular collectible hunt is to find and collect 50 spaceship parts in Grand Theft Auto 5. Finding them all will earn you the aforementioned achievement or trophy and is required to reach 100% game cmpletion.

You must first begin the mission "Far Out" to make the spaceship parts appear in the open world. This side quest only becomes available after beating the "Fame or Shame" main mission.

As PowerPyx notes, the spaceship parts are small, glowing parts and emit a vibrating noise when you get close by. Take note that some of these parts can only be reached with a helicopter.

After finding all the parts, simply return to the quest giver Omega and you will complete the mission. You will also receive a unique vehicle for your efforts.