New Gameplay Revealed in Deep Down’s Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Yes, for some reason the game is still set in New York in 2094.

A new trailer for PS4 exclusive Deep Down has been released by Capcom today for the Tokyo Game Show which includes new gameplay footage.

While the game itself is set in New York in 2094 much of the action will occur in a Medieval fantasy style subterranean world. The player character can see memories which likely explains the contrast but even so it's all a little unusual. Given the massive success of the Assassin's Creed franchise however something like this was probably inevitable. 

The game has procedurally generated dungeons and randomised creatures. Deep Down players will be able to play online with up to three friends. 

Longtime PlayStation fans should stick around until the end for a special surprise. Deep Down was announced at the PS4's reveal event in February and is being designed to win over online skeptics.