New Knack Trailer Shows the PS4 Launch Title in Action

Two minute trailer shows off platformer’s action sequences.

Sony has released a two minute trailer for PlayStation 4 launch trailer Knack; which focuses on the platformer's action sequences. 

Among the activities shown are temple raiding; large scale battles, mech combat, and the evolution of Knack himself. 

Mark Cerny, the PS4's lead system architect who's heading up development on Knack at Sony Japan Studios, has previously revealed that the development team created a DualShock 4 that's 50 per cent larger than usual to see how children play console games.

"Our quest to make the on ramp to the world of console games [for new players] has taken us to some rather interesting places, The issue [with a controller] was not the complicity of the control scheme as much as the size of the controller versus the size of their hands.

"We immediately understood that the shoulder buttons are simply out of reach for the typical 8-year-old, but that all face buttons could be used quite readily."

He said Knack is designed to "bridge the gap" between novice and veteran console players. You can watch the new trailer, released for the Tokyo Game Show, below. 

Knack will be released in North America on November 15th, in Europe on November 29th, and will come free when the PS4 is launched in Japan in February, 2014.