Ryse: Son of Rome Running at Native 1080p; Gameplay Video Download

Ryse: Son of Rome confirmed to run at 1080p resolution.

Although both the PS4 and Xbox One will play games in 1080p resolution, many developers, including Crytek, still need to confirm the resolutions for their next-gen games. Ryse: Son of Rome will join the 1080p list and Crytek uploaded a video to prove it.

When asked over Twitter, Aaron Greenberg, chief of staff of studios at Microsoft, confirmed that Ryse: Son of Rome will run at a native 1080p resolution alongside Forza Motorsport 5.

To watch some native 1080p footage of Ryse, Crytek uploaded a video file on their website so viewers can bypass the terrible quality reduction of YouTube videos.

The Xbox One and Ryse: Son of Rome will launch on November 22nd.