Firefall PvP Removed to ‘rethink’ the design

Firefall PvP failed to attract a committed player base.

After assessing the player base for the Firefall PvP, Red 5 Studios' CEO Mark Kern explained the development team's decision to temporarily remove the PvP.

Red 5 Studios wanted to enter the e-Sports scene with the Firefall PvP. With the competitively design Jetball mode, Red 5 only managed to attract less than 3% of Firefall players to the competitive mode. Red 5 believes by taking the mode offline, they can regroup and rethink a new design for the competitive aspects. With a different approach and a greater focus, Red 5 hopes to re-launch the PvP at a later date.

Red 5 blames themselves for the lack of player interest and point specifically at their lack of focus when designing the PvP. "PvP has suffered as our focus has had to focus on the popular PvE part of our game. People want more content, fewer bugs, and more polish on these world systems," Mark Kern explained.

With a redesign in progress Kern hopes that Red 5 can "get it right" when they decide to re-launch the PvP.

Via: PCGamer