Konami Unveils New Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Master League Trailer

You can play as the manager, and under Become A Legend, even the goalkeeper.

Konami shared more details on upcoming football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, including Master League, in a brand new trailer.

In Master League, you get to play as a manager, with the freedom to choose teams and its members. You can move your team in different clubs around the world to advance your career, becoming world famous in the process. You can even be a squad manager for countries like Italy, Germany, and England.

In Become A Legend mode, you actually play as the goalkeeper, and you get your pick of playing offensively or defensively In this capacity, you can save shots or pounce at the ball, and you can give instructions to your teammates for clearing and passing the ball.

The trailer also reshares the news that higher budget caps have been added, providing the players more flexibility when it comes to building up their teams.

Master League Online has three leagues (all fictional) that emphasize different gameplay qualities. Association League is about speed and physicality. Continental League is more about techniques. Lega Catenaccio emphasizes defensive style gameplay. Depending on the league you choose and your smarts, you can recruit good players for cheap.

When you’ve made enough money, you can move over to Galactico League, which has no funding restrictions, so you will eventually be able to go crazy on recruitment. The Master League Online has a range of competitions, some of which are specific to your league, and some open to everyone.

Finally, your manager play will be tallied separately in the records section, so feel free to screw up and experiment game to your heart’s content. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be released on September 20.