DriveClub Gameplay Drives into Darkness

DriveClub gameplay showing the day and night cycle.

Even after many demonstrations, Evolution Studios only recently released direct feed video of DriveClub gameplay. To make up for the slow release of video, the latest gameplay for DriveClub shows the game's day-and-night cycle.

The video starts off with a setting sun barely visible in the horizon. The sun still illuminates the track to let players see the upcoming turns, but the sun eventually drops below the horizon. Darkness engulfs the track and the player switches on his headlights to reveal the road ahead. With darkness surrounding, the player must rely on his headlights and track lights to drive safely forward.

DriveClub will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 15th. PS4 owners who subscribe to PlayStation Plus can download a free DriveClub PS Plus Edition which includes all game features except with fewer tracks and cars.