FIFA 14 Celebrations Tutorial Guide

A full list of FIFA 14 celebrations and how to perform them.

While American football put rules in place to limit the celebratory dances or gestures after scoring a touchdown, soccer players can dance freely without the referees enforcing penalties. FIFA 14 celebrates the today's demo release with a compilation of all new celebrations found in FIFA 14, along with their button prompts to show players how to exactly gloat the ever so rewarding goal.

Each celebration requires a combination of button presses and/or trigger pulls to perform celebrations. While the Chicken Dance celebration uses LB and right stick movements to flap your player's wings, running around with a finger formed heart requires only flicks and holds on the right stick.

The full list of celebrations reads as follows:

  • Point to the Sky
  • Show Respect
  • Bottom Dance
  • Standing Archer
  • Punch & Dodge
  • Chest Slide
  • Head Shake
  • Signature Finishing Move
  • Backflip
  • Show Shine
  • Violinist
  • Spanish Archer
  • Movember
  • Hands on Ears
  • Heel Taps
  • Knee Slide Arms Out
  • I Can't Hear You
  • Side Slide
  • Brick Fall
  • Le Cirque LaBelle
  • Knee Slide
  • Samba Dance
  • Who Am I
  • Front Flip
  • Knee Slide to Sit
  • Bird Walk
  • Flip
  • Twist Flip
  • Robot
  • If I Catch You
  • Why Always Me
  • Surfer
  • Kiss The Pitch
  • Pit Bull
  • The Salute
  • Water Hose
  • Telling Off
  • Moonwalk

For a still guide on how to perform each new FIFA 14 celebrations, view the image gallery embedded below.

You can download the FIFA 14 demo now on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace to try out the new celebrations for yourself.