Gamestop shares GTA 5 Midnight Launch Locations

Get details on the launch and find the closest store so you can join in.

US video game retailer Gamestop has now put up a listing of locations where you can wait for the midnight launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 this coming September 16. You can enter your state and find out all the locations near your area here. Of course, you will also need to preorder the game, either in store or online.

Gamestopshares some information for fans who plan to go in line. Most of these stores should open at 9 PM, with some exceptions to take into account individual story capacity and capability. When the stores open, they will finalize transactions so they can provide you with sales receipts. This includes registration and providing full or partial payments.

The game will be available for pick-up on the dot at 12:01 AM September 17, and stores are scheduled to stay open until 12 :30 AM to meet demand. Of course, what will likely actually happen is they will stay up as long as needed to accommodate all the customers who showed up.

Gamestopalso suggests you show up early, not only to ensure you are one of the first to get a copy, but so that you can trade in games for value that day and soften the blow of that potential $ 60 – 150 dollar purchase. You can get as much as 30 % extra in-store credit for trading in games just for Grand Theft Auto 5, and PowerUp Reward Pro Members get an additional 10 % in credits.

Of course, you can always just order it to ship directly to you online, but where’s the fun in that? Feel free to let us know below if you plan to go to a midnight launch in your area.

Source: Reddit