Japanese 3DS XL Bundle Includes Pokemon X or Y, Decals on Hardware

Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL bundle spotted in Japan.

Spotted by a Pokemon X & Y dedicated Twitter page, Japanese residents can purchase a Pokemon X & Y bundle that includes a 3DX XL (LL in Japan), a copy of Pokemon X or Y and some decals covering the outside of the handheld.

The image first appeared on a Japanese website advertising the sale of the 3DS LL bundle. With a quick search I also found a Pokemon Y bundle that includes the same blue 3DS LL handheld but with a copy of Pokemon Y instead.

Nintendo of America still has yet to officially announce a bundle for the western markets. In an attempt to not halt current 3DS sales, the company may wait until the latest possible moment before announcing the 3DS XL bundle with the latest Pokemon entry.

Pokemon X & Y will release on October 12th only for the 3DS.

Via: @pokemonxy